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Who likes Black Sabbath and vodka and workin’ on cars until his eyes start bleeding while there’s a Star Wars marathon on TV?

Oh, hint: it’s me.  If you guessed that you can collect your door prize from Pepper and get the hell out.  Empire Strikes Back is about to start and I want no interruptions.

Jarvis, hold my calls.

Of course, sir.  Standard protocol for Star Wars; did you really think I’d forget?

That’s why I love you, honey.

That and a million other reasons, I’m sure.

Don’t push it.

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Gawd love this movie, love Harry Lockhart, love it, love it, love it. 

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Build shit, mostly.  Drink booze, hang out with my girl.  She’s…mad at me, right now…

Mostly build shit.

Got an angry woman Sounds like… hell on earth. *chuckles* I do love some good booze, so we have that in common.

Yeah, it’s not the best a’ times.  But I’ve seen worse.

Oh yeah?  Any poison of choice?



“Yeah, it’s right there next to Auriga,” he waved dismissively, unimpressed with the stars.  He’d studied astronomy, they were nothing new to him.  ”I called a cab.  I’m gonna just head home.  Sorry about…yellin’ at you, back there.”  He watched car lights comet by, wondering which pair would be the one to pull in and pick him up.

“Can’t see them in this fog though. With all the lights around.” she said then pushed off from the wall. She pulled her hair into a pony tail and stretched. “Fine. Have a nice night.” she murmured and turned to walk down the darkened street. She turned down an alley and headed towards Harlem.

Tony watched her go, snapping out of his daze when the cab pulled up.  He quickly gave the address to the driver and settled into the backseat, looking out the window and trying to catch a glimpse of stars.

((just to let you know i’m in an allergic fog and i worked a lot today and will work a lot tomorrow

tony takes a lot of energy to write so i won’t be on him as much at least for tonight and tomorrow but maybe monday! and i have replies drafted, they’ll be taken care of first thing

i’ll be chillin over on Stacee Jaxx and my Blade Runner oc if you guys wanna rp with them tho))

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